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By choosing to Livefreshr not only can you eat great food every evening but you can also save hours of time grocery shopping and deciding what to cook each week! Leaving you with time on your hands to spend doing whatever it is you love most, just as long as that isn't grocery shopping!

Livefreshr will remove all the stress from the cooking process by pre-portioning your ingredients and providing step by step recipe instructions, and don't worry we you won't need any special equipment or strange ingredients as we provide everything apart from Salt, Pepper and Oil!

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Save Time

With the precious time we have, we don't want to be in the grocery store, especially when most of us hate it!

Save Money

You could save huge sums of money by managing your expenditure on food and only receiving exactly what you really need! By knowing in advance your food costs it can help you to budget successfully.

Save Stress

Tired of trying to think of something new and exciting to cook each evening?! Don't worry you know longer have to. With a varied menu you will be cooking new dishes for months!

Set Menu Plan

Struggle to decide what to cook every night? Get rid of this stress by following Livefreshr's balanced homecooked food diet.

Step By Step

Not a confident cook? Don't worry Livefreshr provides step by step instructions for all of our meals. With tips, tricks and videos tutorials along the way!

Save The Environment!

Livefreshr provides pre-measured ingredients so you can cook perfect portions for you and your family, therefore, there is little to no waste!
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Livefreshr Everyday 90-190

AED per person/week

  • Fresh ingredients
  • 1-6 people
  • 3, 4 or 5 meals/week
  • Portioned ingredients
  • Flexible subscription
  • Free delivery
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Livefreshr LITE (Paleo) 95-234

AED per person/week

  • Low calorie diet
  • 1-6 people
  • 4, 5 or 6 meals/week
  • Portioned ingredients
  • Flexible subscription
  • Free delivery
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