Livefreshr - FAQs
What days does Livefreshr deliver?

Your Livefreshr delivery takes place on either Saturday or Sunday each week either Morning between 10am-1pm, Early Afternoon 1pm-4pm or Early Evening 4pm-7pm. While our Livefreshr delivery team will always endeavour to come at your chosen time there may occasionally be the need to deliver slightly before or after these slots to make our delivery routes work the best for all of our customers. When your delivery is dropped off you will receive an SMS from us so in case you were not at home you know it will be on your doorstep waiting for you.

Are you a subscription service?

Yes, we are a weekly subscription service, but there is no minimum obligation. You can change your deliveries to fit with your lifestyle by choosing to pause, change delivery date or re-start your subscription. The cut-off for subscription adjustments (pauses, cancellations, order restarts and address changes) made through the online customer login is midnight on the Wednesday before your next delivery. Please note that we do not accept cancellation requests over the phone.

I’m going on a holiday, can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can! If you are travelling or would like to pause your subscription for any reason, simply login to your personal account and manage all of your delivery details from your dashboard. Click on 'Deliveries' from the side bar menu options. There you will be able to see your delivery details and a calendar for the remaining weeks left of your original order. In the column "Actions" you can choose to pause and reschedule your next delivery. If you decide you want to re-start your deliveries for whatever reason, simply click re-activate that week. Just make sure to make these changes before Midnight on Wednesday, prior to the following week’s delivery.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to all areas of Dubai. We have recently opened up to a few new places and we plan to expand even further. In the short term we hope to expand through to the rest of the Emirates. Please email us at to see whether you are within our delivery areas or would like to make an inquiry.

When do I have to order by to ensure I don't miss out on your wonderful recipes?

Please ensure to place your order by Wednesday at midnight or alternatively sign up to our subscription service and ensure you never miss out! Don't forget you can always pause your subscription online or from our iPhone or Android App should you wish to.

Can we choose the recipes that we receive?

Yes, you can! While our standard boxes come with exactly the same content which allows us to buy, pack and deliver in a very efficient manner, we also recognize that everyone’s taste preferences are not the same. As such, we offer a flexible weekly choice of 9 different meals in our Everyday Range. Our recipe satisfaction scores suggest that our customers are very happy with us choosing their meals for them but if you do have specific requirements you can always choose which of the meals you would prefer for your next week’s meals. You can always view the upcoming recipes for the next week here.

How long to the recipes take to cook?

Here at Livefreshr we are aware that most of you are busy mums or young working professionals with less time than you would like so we do our best to ensure that by following our minute by minute simple recipe instructions you can cook 95% of our recipes in 30 mins or less. The odd one may take a little longer but usually only if you are waiting for something to bake in the oven etc.

How do we know how much stock/water/lemon juice etc. to use, it doesn't say on the recipe?

Because Livefreshr caters for individuals and families of all sizes there are somethings that just can't be pre-portioned. As such you will sometimes find with ingredients like stock, lemon juice etc. that we have written how much you need to use on the ingredients summary/checklist that is included in your brown box.

I have just received my delivery and marked off the checklist, I am missing an ingredient?

Hopefully this should never happen, but if it does, please let us know. Send an email to and we will make sure to get this to you if possible, or learn from your feedback and make amends in your next delivery.

Are the ingredients you use organic?

Livefreshr does not stipulate solely organic ingredients, primarily because we find that the quality of organic ingredients in the UAE is very poor overall. Therefore our aim is to bring you the freshest produce we can find.

I have just received the Livefreshr delivery and I noticed that the seal on the vacuum packed meat is loose?

Firstly apologies again these things can happen from time to time, although we do our upmost to avoid it. Our suggestion is the following. 1. If it's the fish we recommend immediate use any way so we would always suggest you consume this as your first meal each week, so if the seal is broken you shouldn't have any problems. 2. Take a look at the best before advice sticker that we have put on the meat, if it is Tuesday or Wednesday you may wish to pop it in the freezer and remove it the evening before you want to cook it. All of the meat we provide is fresh and so you shouldn't have any problems freezing it.

Do I need any other ingredients at home?

We only ask that you stock olive oil, vegetable oil (of your choice) and salt & pepper. We provide the rest so that you can sit back and relax!

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

For our popular Livefreshr Everyday Range, unfortunately we do not specifically cater for special dietary requirements since all our boxes have exactly the same content. However, the ingredients are separately packed and clearly labelled so there is the opportunity for you to omit or substitute offending ingredients. However, we do offer a Lite, paleo-themed range which is based upon the fundamental concept that the optimal diet is one to which we are genetically adapted and removes all gluten, legume, dairy and refined sugars to great rewards for ones’ health and success. This package works well for customers who have allergies or intolerances to common food products. However, all of our Livefreshr boxes include ingredients that are individual portioned and packaged. So it is still possible to omit, or replace, any ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction. Be creative. As such this range is great for those with:

  • Gluten intolerance, Gluten Allery, Celiac disease.
  • Common Allergies (milk, peanuts, soy, wheat).
  • Dairy Intolerance (Lactose intolerance).
  • Auto-immune diseases.
  • Heart disease.
  • Desire to lose weight.
  • Improve or eliminate acne.
  • Improve sleep.