Kung Pao Chicken with Pineapple Fried Rice

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This popular Kung Pao Chicken recipe is a re-creation of a popular Chinese food dish commonly ordered at restaurants. Served with delicious sweet and savory pineapple fried rice.

  • 0.0 min

    Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil. Add the rice and cook until al dente.

  • 1.0 min

    Cut the pineapple in half and hollow out the middle of the pineapple. Chop the pineapple into pieces.

  • 3.0 min

    Finely chop the red capsicum.

  • 4.5 min

    Peel and finely chop the red onion.

  • 6.0 min

    Finely slice the spring onion.

  • 7.0 min

    Mix together in a bowl the hoisin sauce, peanut oil, mix soy sauce and brown sugar.

  • 8.5 min

    In a frying pan/wok heat half of the olive oil over high heat.

  • 10.0 min

    Add the red capsicum and red onion and stir fry.

  • 11.5 min

    Add the pineapple chunks and continue to stir fry. Crack the eggs into the bottom of the pan and scramble until cooked.

  • 12.0 min

    Drain the rice and add to the pan to stir fry.

  • 14.0 min

    Stir through the remaining soy sauce and the chilli garlic sauce.

  • 15.0 min

    Chop the chicken.

  • 16.0 min

    In another pan, heat the remaining oil over high heat.

  • 17.0 min

    Add the sugar snap peas and stir fry until tender. Add the dried chilies.

  • 18.0 min

    Add the cashews and stir fry for one minutes until slightly toasted (be careful not to burn).

  • 19.0 min

    Add the chicken and continue to stir fry until cooked through.

  • 21.0 min

    Stir through the kung pao sauce.

  • 22.5 min

    In a small bowl, mix together the cornflour with equal parts water to make a cornflour slurry.

  • 24.0 min

    Stir small amounts of the cornflour slurry through the kung pao chicken to thicken the sauce.

  • 26.0 min

    Serve the pineapple rice in the reserved pineapples and garnish with spring onion.

  • 28.0 min

    Serve the kung pao chicken alongside the pineapple fried rice.

  • Ingredients

    Corn Fed Chicken Breast , chopped

    Sugar Snap Peas


    Dried Red Chillies

    Hoisin Sauce

    Peanut Oil

    Mixed Soy Sauce

    Brown Sugar

    Olive Oil

    Baby Pineapple , halved

    White Rice

    Chilli-Garlic Sauce

    Red Capsicum , finely chopped

    Red Onion , finely chopped

    Spring Onion , finely sliced


    Corn Flour

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